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Distance learning

What is distance learning?        

The way learning is provided is evolving and distance learning is exactly as it sounds – you learn away from the training provider, so your physical attendance may not be required at all (depending on the course you take). 

This means you can study at home, in the yard office, on a train, or the other side of the world – wherever you find yourself with some time to devote to developing your knowledge.

  This popular way of learning opens opportunities for many more allowing interactive, affordable participation through the world wide web and other network technologies, providing flexibility to accommodate the demands of modern life whilst studying to achieve your goals. 

You may study online or through printed course material. This type of study might sound isolated, but the best training providers give students constant encouraging feedback and support from tutors, who are dedicated professionals, as well as online interaction with your fellow students and, of course, the office team.

Disability is no barrier to distance learning.

Distance learning is the modern, most cost-effective way to learn for your maximum development and enjoyment whilst being under your control to ensure minimal disruption to the professional groom’s life.


Whether you want to gain new skills and knowledge to allow you to embrace a new career, or add to your existing skill set for self-development, or simply learn more for your own pleasure, there are distance learning courses for everyone. 

Courses can be used as vocational training to help you embark upon your chosen career, for Continued Professional Development (CPD) for those already working in the equine industry, or to improve your management of your own horse(s).  

The Open College of Equine Studies (TOCES) offer a wide range of courses, with some undertaken by students as young as 14. As a BGA member, you get a 10% discount on a variety of their courses. Discover more


Distance learning is similar to school in that you are provided with information to understand, assimilate and apply.

Unlike school, distance learning requires you to organise your commitments to allow some time during the day, evening and/or weekends to set aside for your own personal or professional development.

Also unlike school, you are studying subjects that you want to know about rather than have to. This adds real enjoyment to the learning process.

Basic computer skills are ideal but the guidance you will be provided with is very simple and intuitive to use and the office and your Course Advisor is there to help.  

To gain maximum benefit from your studies, distance learning students are encouraged to read around their subject to build on the course material provided. This can be through online research of articles rather than the need to purchase books.

Once you have enrolled, you will receive: access to study material to commence the course, access to an online study portal, contact with your course advisor, access to your student forum/virtual coffee room and detailed feedback on your assignments from tutors specializing in your area of study.


Your practical skills and experience, interest, dedication and passion will make you eligible for many of the courses available.  

Each course will have entry criteria, but there will always be courses to allow you to develop your skills.

Your training provider will be able to help with this should you be unsure.


All courses are different and this varies between which course you are interested in, as well as individual provider. Your training provider will be able to help with this and will outline all of the costs involved.


The Open College of Equine Studies (TOCES) have a wide variety of courses to suit all.

From those just starting out in their journey, to BHS exams and equine veterinary nursing,  there is something for every learner. 



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