“The bespoke information has been invaluable for my career and employment; I don’t feel alone anymore. I have the peace of mind knowing my income is protected with my BGA insurance.”

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Frequently asked question

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My employer has told me that I am self employed. What does this mean? 

Employment status

I really want to take my horse with me to a job and the employer says I can be a working pupil and earn pocket money, is this ok? Working pupils
I have been working for an employer for 5 years now and never received a contract, should I have one?  Contracts
My employer says I am on National Minimum Wage, but I constantly work over the hours I am supposed to do, is this ok? Wages
I am in a new job and I am working 6 days a week. My boss says I have 20 days holiday per year and no bank holidays off - is this correct? Holidays
I am injured and I have no insurance and the doctor has told me I can't work for 4 months, will I get any money, I am employed.  If you are ill
I have done something stupid and I have just received a letter telling me I am going to be taken through a disciplinary hearing. What does this mean? Disciplinary 
I am pregnant - what are my rights as an employee? Pregnancy 
I am owed money - do you have a template that can help me write a letter?  Letter templates




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