Spillers nutritional certificate

The SPILLERS Certificate of Competence in Equine Nutrition gives BGA members the chance to learn from the experts to improve their knowledge and understanding the key aspects of feeding. The certificate is designed to provide grooms with added confidence when it comes to nutrition management.

The Certificate of Competence is a home study course. The workbook is split into three sections and includes open learning sections to enable you to test your knowledge at every stage of the study.

The end of each section contains a series of revision questions to help prepare for the Certificate exam. The workbook has the added benefit of being a handy reference tool for the future if knowledge has become a little rusty or if some reassurance is needed! The workbook includes:

This section gives the reader a basic understanding of types of horse and how their digestive system works. Clear diagrams explain the function of each part of the digestive system. You will learn of the importance of recognising the horse as a browsing herbivore and the implications this has on the equine digestive system.

The seven main dietary components of water, energy, carbohydrates, fats and oils, proteins, vitamins and minerals are discussed in detail and the main energy source and energy content of common feedstuffs analysed to give you a concise understanding of the composition of a balanced diet.

This highly practical chapter highlights the ten golden rules for feeding before dealing with the rationing requirements for each type of horse, appropriate to the work it is doing. It covers the feed requirements for the competition horse as well as the older horse or pony, brood mares and foals. Useful tables of information on the required ration of forage to concentrate for each level of work and the average weights of the most common feedstuffs are listed to make initial calculations even easier.

Good background information is provided on how to recognise a healthy horse and how to identify common health problems such as colds, coughs and colic as well as the more complex conditions of laminitis and azoturia.

The SPILLERS BGA Certificate of Competence in Equine Nutrition is an excellent credential to add to your CV to show future employers that you have a good depth of knowledge within this area.

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