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The British Grooms Association (BGA) provides freelance grooms with the tools needed to stand out to their clients as a professional.

Whether you are just starting out as a freelance groom, or looking to build your business, we are here to help you succeed in your career. 


Why you should be a BGA certified freelancer

Becoming BGA-certified helps your clients to know and trust that you are professional, reliable, compliant and have their horses’ welfare as a priority.

BGA Freelancer certification involves a series of commitments for you to agree to across, including your business management practices, welfare considerations and professional conduct.

Complete our free self-certification to identify yourself as a professional and obtain your digital Certified BGA Freelancer logo to demonstrate your credibility to your clients.


Freelance grooms toolkit

Whether you are starting out as a freelance groom or looking to improve your business, this dedicated toolkit is built for you!

Managing your business professionally is important and helps to avoid future issues by making sure both you and your client are clear about what is expected - our toolkit is the perfect guide for freelance grooms.

Once you have set yourself up as a freelancer, you can advertise your services on the freelance groom adverts.

  • BUSINESS SUPPORT: Guidance on how to start freelancing, and all the tools you need to manage your business. Online Client Agreement Creator, client information templates, bookkeeping, invoice and price list templates. Advice on marketing plus Health and Safety/Risk Assessment templates
  • INSURANCE: As well as personal accident insurance Freelance grooms have the option to purchase our KBIS Freelance Groom  Liability insurance. This provides cover against claims made by a third party, who has suffered an injury or property damage, due to your negligence.
 26 weeks off work
3 months off work



As a self-employed freelance groom, you’re not entitled to Statutory Sick Pay.

We strongly recommend you to have personal accident insurance to protect your income in the case of an injury that leaves you unable to work.

We also advise you have public liability insurance to protect you against third party claims.

Our grooms' insurance is designed for grooms and trusted by grooms.
Our insurance memberships provide appropriate KBIS personal accident cover, should you sustain an injury whilst at work.
Silver and Platinum memberships include a weekly total temporary disablement income, should you be unable to work.


Our KBIS Freelance Groom Public Liability insurance will provide you with the protection you need for both your liability to the public (against claims made by a third party who has suffered an injury or property damage due to your negligence) and the horses that you care for.

It is not personal accident insurance, that is a separate type of cover that protects you and your income if you were to have an accident at work.



Client Agreements

“I just love how easy it is to us the Client Agreement Creator, it took minutes to create contracts for each of my clients, and makes me look so professional!”

Risk Assessments

“I need to have risk assessments to satisfy my Freelance Grooms Liability Insurance. The BGA’s template means I was able to quickly create a document for each yard I visit.”

Business Support

“All the information on how to be a freelance groom, understand financial matters and the resources have been so helpful, I couldn’t have done it without the BGA.”

Grooms Insurance

Watch our video to find out what insurance you need.There are three types of insurance products to consider, personal accident insurance, Freelance Groom Liability insurance and travel insurance. Find out which suits you.