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How long does membership last?

It is an annual subscription and lasts for a 12 month period from the day you join.


7-10 days. Please contact us if you do not receive your Welcome Pack after this time period.

Under 18?

BGA membership is open to under 18 year olds. If you choose the Insurance Membership (Bronze, Silver or Platinum), then the parents name and date of birth will be required to complete the purchase. 

I have great job with lovely employers, why should i join?

The BGA is not just about helping grooms who are unfortunately in not great employment situations.

We exist to offer career advice, representation and recognition of the brilliant job that grooms do.

By being a BGA member you are enabling us to represent grooms interests' and be a listened to voice in the horse industry. 

Can i upgrade my membership 

Yes we can upgrade you at any point.

Please contact our Membership Officer on 07590 258907.

I don't think my boss would want me to belong, should i join?

YES! The BGA has many high profile riders/employers as friends and fans of our work – incidentally they join all of their grooms.

If your boss does not wish for you to join your professional association, then please do consider if they are a good employer with your best career interests at heart.

I am a volunteer groom, can I still join?

Of course.

Anyone that works hands on with horses is welcome to join the BGA as we are the professional association for everyone. 

Am i a groom or a rider?

It is necessary for insurance purposes to confirm your status. Look at this chart to clarify: 

When you are working for other people you do most of the following; muck out, turn out/catch in, tack up, groom horses, exercise horses (including hacking, jumping and schooling), in the care of your employer/client.  YES  NO  NO
You predominantly ride horses for other people including schooling, exercising and competing.   NO YES YES
You provide grooming services for someone else either full time or on a freelance basis i.e. an employer or a client.   YES NO NO
You employ staff – have an employers liability policy in your name. NO  NO YES
You buy and sell horses. NO YES YES

IF I cancel my membership before the end of the year do I get a refund?

The BGA is an annual subscription and we do not give refunds if you decide to cancel part way through the year.


It will cover you for all activities as a groom, including riding. (Please note it does not cover you if you are riding in a race.)

Read the key facts thoroughly.

There are three levels of cover to choose from, starting with Bronze and moving up to Platinum, the benefits of each of these cover options are outlined in the membership join area.


Your insurance cover will start as soon as you have completed the membership sign up and paid for your membership and insurance.

Unless you have a previous injury or illness, for which KBIS require further information, you will not need to do anything further.

If KBIS do require any further information then they will contact you directly. 


The monthly instalments are collected on the BGA’s/KBIS’ behalf by a company called Premium Credit.

Premium Credit apply an 8% charge to the premium to cover the costs of the agreement, this works out as an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 18.5% (for comparison). 


You will also need to complete Premium Credit’s ‘credit agreement’ which will be sent to you by email after you have completed the sign up process. The credit agreement can be signed electronically through Premium Credit’s online portal

Please note; if you do not complete the credit agreement within 21 days of the start of your membership you will be charged £10 by Premium Credit.

Should you default on a monthly payment then Premium Credit automatically apply a £20 default charge.


No because not all grooms require Public Liability insurance as many will fall under their employers’ combined liability policies. 

PL covers third party property damage or bodily injury that arises due to your negligence or legal liability. It is voluntary and so you must consider the risk of an accident involving someone else.

If the yard you work at has Public Liability you will possibly fall under it, but you should check.


As a BGA member you have access to the BGA Freelance Grooms Liability insurance. 

A policy designed specifically for grooms by KBIS British Equestrian Insurance,  it offers a comprehensive level of cover and is set at preferential rates for BGA members.

It is trusted by grooms. 


The personal accident policies only covers you while you are at work and not at other times.

This limitation is implemented to keep the cost of insurance low.

When you complete the insurance membership sign up, you will be given the opportunity to increase your policy cover to include accidents (bodily injury) which occur while you are riding/handling your own horse(s) or any other form of personal recreational riding. 

Will I be covered whilst I am abroad?

Yes, the BGA personal accident policies provides you with world wide cover 24/7.

However, the policy does not include cover for repatriation (getting you home after an injury) or medical expenses.

It is important to purchase BGA Travel Insurance if you are working abroad, even it it is for a few days.

IF I need to claim on the insurance what do I do?

You should contact KBIS as soon as possible to advise them of the incident.

You can do this by phone on 01635 247474 (option 3) or email

KBIS will then send you a claim form and tell you what you will need to do next, including any further documentation that you may have to submit for your claim.

What if I want to cancel my insurance?

Your insurance policy can be cancelled, provided you haven’t made a claim.

If you paid by Credit/Debit card you will receive a pro-rata return of premium.

If you pay by direct debit your payments will be cancelled, however the cancellation date of your insurance may pre-date the date you instruct KBIS to cancel your policy due to the membership fee being payable in full.

Don’t worry, KBIS will run through this with you, if you choose to cancel.









What the personal accident policy covers you for:

  • Whilst at work
  • All stable duties – mucking out, grooming, washing off, turning out
  • Clipping
  • Riding – including hacking and jumping
  • Hunting
  • Lunging
  • Breaking in
  • Holding horse for a vet and other procedures
  • Travelling horses both in the UK and abroad
  • Competing in line with your job including: jumping, dressage, eventing
  • Injuries that may happen to you whilst you are teaching - but you must also be grooming as part of your duties and not be a sole instructor

What the personal accident policy doesn’t cover you for:

  • Riding in a race, point to point or team chase
  • Stunt Riding
  • Accidents occurring whilst travelling to and from work
  • Riding and competing your own horse (but you can upgrade when applying for membership to include this)
  • Public Liability – this is a separate insurance policy - the Freelance Groom Liability Insurance
  • Care Custody and Control – this is a separate policy - the Freelance Groom Liability Insurance

If you require additional cover then please contact KBIS directly.


When you are working for other people you do most of the following; muck out, turn out/catch in, tack up, groom horses, exercise Horses (including hacking, jumping and schooling), in the care of your employer/client.




Predominantly ride horses for other people including schooling, exercising and competing.   

 Provide grooming services for someone else either full time or on a freelance basis i.e. an employer or a client.   


Employ staff – have an employers liability policy in your name NO NO YES
Buy and sell horses NO YES YES

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