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The British Grooms Association (BGA) is the professional membership organisation for everyone who works with horses.

We know that sometimes **IT Happens and you might have an accident. The BGA offers trusted by grooms personal accident insurance, designed for you. 

Protect yourself

Why you should be protected

If you work with horses, there is a chance that you will have an accident and be unable to work for a period of time. If you are employed you will get as small amount of Statutory Sick Pay but if you are freelance you will not.

The BGA offers affordable personal accident insurance to protect your income. 

Accidents  Happen

Available From just £5.73 per month

A split second can change your life. What would you do if  **it happened to you? Sadly, accidents really do happen, we hear of them daily at the BGA. When things go wrong, you need insurance that goes right.  85% of our members have BGA insurance!

  • PROTECT YOURSELF: Our Silver and Platinum membership options include discounted KBIS personal accident insurance with weekly income cover, should you be unable to work due to an accident at work.

  • PUBLIC LIABILITY: Freelance grooms have the option to purchase our KBIS Freelance Groom  Liability insurance. This provides cover against claims made by a third party, who has suffered an injury or property damage, due to your negligence.

 26 weeks off work
3 months off work

Join The BGA


Standard Membership is only £25.50 per year. (this doesn’t include insurance)

Membership including personal accident insurance is available from £5.73 per month and just £12.09 per month if you want to include income protection cover.

Our grooms' insurance is designed for grooms and trusted by grooms. Our insurance memberships provide appropriate KBIS personal accident cover, should you sustain an injury whilst at work. 
Silver and Platinum memberships include a weekly total temporary disablement income, should you be unable to work.
Our KBIS Freelance Groom Public Liability insurance provides cover against claims made by a third party for freelance grooms.

The British Grooms Association is the professional membership body for everyone who works with horses.

It makes no difference if you are employed or a self-employed freelancer – we understand you and your job.

If you are just starting out or an experienced groom, the BGA is for you.

Meet Our Members


“I regret not joining the British Grooms Association (BGA) sooner. If I had been a BGA member at the time I think I would have felt better supported both mentally and financially.”


“The BGA completely understood what I was going through. I was worried about how I would pay my bills but my BGA Silver membership had me covered, this gave me complete peace of mind.”


“My accident was one of those ‘freak’  ones that you think would never happen, but it did. I was off work for 6 months in total. My BGA Platinum membership personal accident insurance was invaluable.”

Grooms Insurance

Watch our video to find out what insurance you need.There are three types of insurance products to consider, personal accident insurance, Freelance Groom Liability insurance and travel insurance. Find out which suits you.