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My Brilliant Boss

It makes me more willing to go the extra mile...

When BGA member Dennis Hazenbroek got in touch with us to tell us how brilliant his bosses are we couldn’t wait to find out more.

"I am 44 years old and discovered the joy of working with horses five years ago at Kelburn Equestrian Centre. Before that I used to work in IT, but I always loved horses.

On 7th July I started to work for Dan Jocelyn Eventing, which is run by Dan Jocelyn and Emma Shoesmith. Dan is an international eventer from New Zealand and is part of the New Zealand international team.

My role is a non-riding one, so I look after the yard and horses in the morning and tack them up as required throughout the day. After that I give them their dinner and I put them to bed, be it under the stars or in stables.

I initially applied for the job because Dan and Emma are so willing to train and teach me about eventing despite the fact it is a non-riding position.

  The key components that make my bosses great to work for are that they are very relaxed, patient and explain what I did right and wrong in a way that is positive feedback, with little side notes.

They involve me in almost everything and on pre and post competition days they help me to get the job done, as it can be hectic. They support me in every way, they are kind and willing to get their hands dirty.

As an employee this makes me feel valued, appreciated and trusted to say the least. I am also makes me more willing to go the extra mile.

  The advice I would give to anyone in a less happy work environment would be to remember that you are never alone. If you are unhappy, then your colleagues probably are too, so as a group speak to the manager."

A huge thank you to Dennis for getting in touch, and a big pat on the back for Dan and Emma for being truly inspirational employers.

If you’ve got a brilliant employer we’d love to hear from you and don’t forget to nominate them for the Haddon Training Employer of the Year Award.

If, like Dennis, you'd like to become a BGA member have a look at what we can offer you. 



 Image thanks to Dan Joycelyn.  






What the personal accident policy covers you for:

  • Whilst at work
  • All stable duties – mucking out, grooming, washing off, turning out
  • Clipping
  • Riding – including hacking and jumping
  • Hunting
  • Lunging
  • Breaking in
  • Holding horse for a vet and other procedures
  • Travelling horses both in the UK and abroad
  • Competing in line with your job including: jumping, dressage, eventing
  • Injuries that may happen to you whilst you are teaching - but you must also be grooming as part of your duties and not be a sole instructor

What the personal accident policy doesn’t cover you for:

  • Riding in a race, point to point or team chase
  • Stunt Riding
  • Accidents occurring whilst travelling to and from work
  • Riding and competing your own horse (but you can upgrade when applying for membership to include this)
  • Public Liability – this is a separate insurance policy - the Freelance Groom Liability Insurance
  • Care Custody and Control – this is a separate policy - the Freelance Groom Liability Insurance

If you require additional cover then please contact KBIS directly.


When you are working for other people you do most of the following; muck out, turn out/catch in, tack up, groom horses, exercise Horses (including hacking, jumping and schooling), in the care of your employer/client.




Predominantly ride horses for other people including schooling, exercising and competing.   

 Provide grooming services for someone else either full time or on a freelance basis i.e. an employer or a client.   


Employ staff – have an employers liability policy in your name NO NO YES
Buy and sell horses NO YES YES

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