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Grooms Insurance


Designed for grooms and students who are looking for a basic level of grooms personal accident insurance. This scale of cover is more competitively priced as it provides lower maximum benefits and does not include cover for Temporary Total Disablement - see what it covers

If you earn money and think you need Temporary Total Disablement cover then take a look at our Silver membership.

Insurance needs to be in parents or guardians name if under 18 years old. Only available for UK and NI residents.

Insurance details

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Details Cover
Death £10,000
Permanent Total Loss of Sight of One or Both Eyes £10,000
Loss of One or More Limbs £10,000
Permanent Total Loss of Speech £10,000
Permanent Total Loss of Hearing in One of Both Ears £10,000 (limited to £4,000 for one ear)
Permanent Total Disablement (other than loss of Sight, Speech or Hearing) £10,000
Temporary Total Disablement* Not Covered
Emergency Dental Expenses (Excess £50) Up to £1,000
Hospital Benefit (Maximum benefit 30 days) £25.00 each completed 24 hours


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£59.58 per year or
£5.36 per month - please read the rules of Direct Debit payments prior selecting

Sign up includes the option to boost the insurance to cover you whilst riding/competing your own horse at additional cost.

If you are under 18 years old, please complete all the details on the sign up application in your name, but please note you will have to add in a parents/guardians name too. 

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