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The British Grooms Association (BGA) is the professional membership organisation for everyone who works with horses.

Chilblains are a common winter ailment for grooms. We understand all grooms who suffer from this annoying skin condition. Belong to an organisation that understands you and your chilblains!


What are they

Chilblains are small, itchy swellings on the skin that occur as a reaction to cold temperatures. They most often affect the body's extremities, such as the toes, fingers, ears, and often grooms' thighs.
Chilblains are caused by the blood vessels getting small when you are cold and if you warm up too quickly the blood vessels get bigger and the blood rushes back to the area.

The BGA is the membership organisation for all grooms who suffer from chilblains!

You aren't alone!

We understand chilblains.

If you suffer from chilblains the BGA understands you. 1000s of grooms belong to their professional association to be part of the dynamic groom community and get access to discounted personal and liability accident insurance and other benefits.

  • TREATMENT: Creams and lotions exist and visit your GP if they are severe. Keep warm using layers of clothing and massaging the area to increase circulation.
  • PREVENTION: Wear warm clothes and if your skin gets cold, warm it up gradually. Getting too close to a heater is a cause of chilblains. 
Calmine lotion
Wear layers

Join The BGA


Standard Membership is only £25.50 per year. (this doesn’t include insurance)

Membership including personal accident insurance is available from £5.73 per month and just £12.09 per month if you want to include income protection cover.

Our grooms' insurance is designed for grooms and trusted by grooms. Our insurance memberships provide appropriate KBIS personal accident cover, should you sustain an injury whilst at work.
Silver and Platinum memberships include a weekly total temporary disablement income, should you be unable to work.
Our KBIS Freelance Groom Public Liability insurance provides cover against claims made by a third party for freelance grooms.

The British Grooms Association is the professional membership body for everyone who works with horses.

It makes no difference if you are employed or a self-employed freelancer – we understand you and your job.

If you are just starting out or an experienced groom, the BGA is for you.


Member Tips

Layer up

Jane works on a livery yard, her advice is; “I have found layering clothing helps to keep the skin warm to prevent chilblains developing – preventions is better than cure!”

Stay dry

Henry works on a dressage yard, he says; “Staying dry is a massive step to towards keeping warm and dealing with chilblains. Use waterproofs and ski wear to keep the wet away from the skin.”

Warm up slowly

Lyn speaks from experience; “Once you get chilblains, they can be painful, it’s worse if you warm up too quickly, so avoid leaning on a heater or jumping into a hot shower – warm up slowly!”

Grooms Insurance

Watch our video to find out what insurance you need.There are three types of insurance products to consider, personal accident insurance, Freelance Groom Liability insurance and travel insurance. Find out which suits you.