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Freelance Grooms Insurance
The Complete Guide

Freelance Groom- Confused by insurance?

If you’re a self employed groom or freelance groom you’re probably aware that you need some kind of insurance.

But what insurance policy should you have, what provider will you choose and how to do make sense of all the different options?

We’ve put together a handy and easy to understand guide all about insurance for grooms who are freelancers or self-employed.

What is grooms insurance?

Grooms insurance is an insurance policy specifically designed to meet the needs of employed and freelance grooms.

There are many providers on the market offering insurance for grooms that offer a range of policies depending on your own personal situation and circumstances.

For example, if you are working with horses then the BHS's Gold membership will not cover you as it is a recreational policy only. 

However, one the most concerning things that we see time and time again, is grooms being mis sold insurance or grooms that are under the impression that they are covered for something when they are not.

To understand this better let’s take a look at the different types of policies available and how they can impact on you...


Liability Insurance for Grooms

Liability insurance protects against things going wrong that are out of your control but are caused as a result of something you have done. For example, if the horses you cared for escaped and got injured on your watch you would be liable as a the groom responsible.

Typically if you’re an employed groom your employer will have their own insurance in place to cover incidents like this.

However, self-employed or freelance grooms will not be covered by the client and should therefore consider having their own liability insurance.


Personal Accident Insurance for Grooms

Personal accident Insurance will protect you against personal injuries that occur at work. Depending on your policy and level of cover personal accident insurance can cover loss of earnings as a result of your accident - known as Temporary Total Disablement (TTD) -  see what it covers

This type of insurance policy is really useful for freelance grooms. Why?

Because self-employed grooms do not receive statutory sick pay (SSP). Therefore, if you’re a freelancer and you get injured at work and need to take time off to recover then you won’t receive any salary/income/money if you don’t have the right policy in place.

At the British Grooms Association we believe that many freelance grooms aren’t adequately covered because most have only ever taken out a liability insurance policy. 

We see many freelance grooms struggling with cash flow after they’ve been hurt in the yard.

Take our advice and get covered for personal accidents. If you’re not sure what kind of policy you’ll need then use our quick quiz and we’ll match you to the right policy: 

Freelance groom insurance

Being a freelancer definitely has its perks. You work the hours you want, work where you want and to some extent get to decide who you want to work for. The downside is, as a freelancer, you aren’t protected by your employer and aren’t entitled to statutory sick pay.

Many freelancers take out liability insurance and believe that this is adequate protection. But if you have an accident in the yard and are left unable to work then your insurance won’t cover you for this.

Let’s face it, life as a groom is pretty hazardous - working with horses is known to be one of the most dangerous professions. Yet so many freelancers and self-employed grooms don’t have a personal accident protection policy.


INSURANCE for working with horses abroad

If you're planning on working abroad then you will need to take out specific travel insurance. Our BGA Travel Insurance protects riders and grooms working with horses while they are abroad. Existing BGA members and members of the Equestrian Employers Association get a 10% discount. 


Where can I get insurance for self-employed grooms?

There are a lot of insurance providers on the market, but here at the BGA we offer discounted insurance policies when you sign up for BGA membership.

As well as Personal Accident cover. We offer Liability cover for Freelance Grooms covering all grooming activities such as clipping and exercising horses.

As well as Public Liability, the policy also automatically includes cover for Custodial Liability (Care, Custody & Control). This provides cover should a horse sustain an injury or die as a result of your negligence. The policy will cover veterinary fees, and/or the current market value of the horse in the event of its death, up to £10,000 per horse with an annual policy limit of £100,000.

This policy is designed specifically for grooms, by KBIS British Equestrian Insurance, so you can rest assured that you will be fully covered in your line of work.

Still not sure which insurance is right for you? Take our quick quiz and we’ll instantly match you to right policy.





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