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About racing

Discover horse racing

Have you heard of the Cheltenham Festival or maybe The Derby? If you have, then you have heard of the horse racing industry! 

So many grooms work in the general/competition side of the equestrian industry, and have not considered changing over to working in horse racing.

There is a whole new world of job opportunities out there for you. 

Whether you are just starting out on your career as a groom, or you are experienced and fancy a change - the horse racing industry is ready and equipped to welcome you. 

Hear from Megan about how she made the change to racing: 

about horse racing

There are 3 key elements of the horse racing industry: flat racing, jump racing and the breeding of thoroughbred racehorses. 

As with the general/competition side of the industry the yards can be of varying sizes, from small family set ups, to large 100+ horses operations.

Just the same as on a competition yard, the race horses will each have their own training program from being broken in, through to racing at the highest level possible.

It is essentially just the same as what you might be used to, just a different form of equitation.

Racing has a higher level of funding. 

Prize money is much greater and due to TV rights and greater public attendance at the racecourses, the sponsorship is more valuable. Some of the profits are put back into the industry via the Levy Board. 

Grooms are referred to as a group as 'racing staff' and horse racing has invested greatly in its 'most valuable asset' to make the industry an attractive place to work and build a career. 

There are 6000 people that work in horse racing as racing staff. 

Who is who 

The horse racing industry is well organised and there are many organisations that are responsible for the different activities.

Here are the ones that are particularly relevant to you: 


Discover all about the careers that are on offer in racing and visit the Job Board to find a job in the racing sector.

RacingGroom.com aims to promote the valued role of becoming a racing groom. Join the hub for free today. 


SUPPORTing you

An independent trade union representing all racing staff. It negotiates wages and conditions, and deals with problems or complaints that racing grooms have with their work place and represents them in cases of dispute.

The charity gives confidential advice and guidance on a wide range of issues including accidents, money, health, careers, relationships, housing and retirement. You can live chat or email a question via the Racing Welfare website.



This service helps racing employees develop in their current roles or plan their next steps and enjoy a fulfilling career in racing. Anybody can access support which can include careers advice, job search, job applications, CV writing and interview skills.

A centre of excellence delivering a wide range of courses that specifically cater people who are looking at horseracing as a future career and for those who are currently working in the industry wishing to develop their qualifications and skills. 

A centre of excellence providing a range of training and courses to meet the needs of the racing industry and its learners. The School provides a residential foundation level course for 16-24 year olds, after which students get apprenticeship places in racehorse trainers’ yards across the UK. 

Much of the training is fully funded and the Stud's courses cater for the novice looking to be the next generation of stud staff to the more experienced members of the current workforce who want additional skills or updating. 




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