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The British Grooms Association (BGA) is the membership organisation for those that work and train with horses. With the launch of the Student Zone in September 2016, there is an opportunity to attract current and aspiring equine students to the organisation.

The BGA will become the place to visit for those that plan to train or study to work with horses. Supported by other BEF Members, we will dominate the search for equestrian training options.

Where to Train will become the ‘go to’ research tool for anyone that wishes to take part in any form of equestrian training. 

Launching on 1st September, as an impartial, easy to use tool, it will give the user the opportunity to search via training options, courses, sectors and location. All entries will be an accredited training option, so giving the user confidence in their search.



There is no better opportunity to promote a career with horses than an engaging talk from someone that has been there and done it!

As well as getting the advertising exposure, with annual directory listing, the BGA will visit your college/training establishment to deliver an inspiring talk to your students.

The pitfalls, highlights and real life challenges of transferring from student life to working life will all be discussed, and hopefully your learners will be inspired to turn their studies into a career.


VISITORS gets on average 2000 unique users per month with over 16,000 page views.

Our website audience is 83% female with our core audience being 18-24 years old. The Training section is already a highly viewed area on the site.

The BGA’s social media will support Where to Train and with 11,000+ Facebook likers, and 9000+ Twitter followers, the opportunity to promote the directory is great.







Annual advert plus a visit to your college/training establishment to deliver a ‘Career with Horses’ presentation to your students.*

£385 per annum


*actual travel expense incurred to be reimbursed by college/training establishment.


To advertise please contact us on:  or  0345 331 6039/ 07590 258907





What the personal accident policy covers you for:

  • Whilst at work
  • All stable duties – mucking out, grooming, washing off, turning out
  • Clipping
  • Riding – including hacking and jumping
  • Hunting
  • Lunging
  • Breaking in
  • Holding horse for a vet and other procedures
  • Travelling horses both in the UK and abroad
  • Competing in line with your job including: jumping, dressage, eventing
  • Injuries that may happen to you whilst you are teaching - but you must also be grooming as part of your duties and not be a sole instructor

What the personal accident policy doesn’t cover you for:

  • Riding in a race, point to point or team chase
  • Stunt Riding
  • Accidents occurring whilst travelling to and from work
  • Riding and competing your own horse (but you can upgrade when applying for membership to include this)
  • Public Liability – this is a separate insurance policy - the Freelance Groom Liability Insurance
  • Care Custody and Control – this is a separate policy - the Freelance Groom Liability Insurance

If you require additional cover then please contact KBIS directly.


When you are working for other people you do most of the following; muck out, turn out/catch in, tack up, groom horses, exercise Horses (including hacking, jumping and schooling), in the care of your employer/client.




Predominantly ride horses for other people including schooling, exercising and competing.   

 Provide grooming services for someone else either full time or on a freelance basis i.e. an employer or a client.   


Employ staff – have an employers liability policy in your name NO NO YES
Buy and sell horses NO YES YES