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New Travel Insurance Partners

The BGA are delighted to have partnered with Travel Insurance Specialists, PJ Hayman & Company, to offer affordable and suitable working travel insurance cover for both grooms and riders.

Adventures Travel Insurance is suitable for all situations that would require a groom or rider to travel abroad with work, ranging from being on a British Team for just two weeks, to working abroad for a sustained period of time, or even as a one off trip.

Andrew Williams from PJ Hayman & Company says, “P J Hayman & Company are delighted to be working with the BGA, providing their members (grooms & riders) who travel abroad with their job an exclusive 10% OFF Adventures Travel Insurance. We look forward to a long relationship with the BGA and their members.”

Why is this important?
If you already have holiday travel insurance you may find this will not cover you whilst working abroad. Credit card accident cover, home insurance, EHIC or private health cover is also often not sufficient for the cover you may need, therefore it is important to check this carefully before travelling.

We all know that working with horses carries with it the potential for injuries. Medical care outside the UK can be extremely expensive so you need to ask yourself – can you afford to be without adequate insurance should you get injured or become seriously unwell.

Adventure Travel Insurance are now offering members affordable and appropriate single and multi-trip travel insurance, designed with our members in mind, and what’s more are offering 10% off.

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