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Give Your Staff a Contract Week Launches Apprentice Version

The Equestrian Employers Association (EEA) has added a template for apprentices to its innovative online Contract Creator, to coincide with the second ‘Give your Staff a Contract Week'.

Following the success of the launch of the Contract Creator in May, the EEA has worked alongside equine law specialists Clarke Wilmott LLP and apprenticeship experts Haddon Training to add an apprentice template to the slick five step easy to use employment tool.

A recent survey identified that approximately 57% of the 1,300 grooms which took part are employed illegally and do not have a written Statement of Particulars (aka written contract). This is a worrying statistic, especially as it is a legal requirement and it protects both the employee and their employer.

Lucy Katan, Executive Director of the BGA and EEA said, “Apprentices are employees too and must also receive this written document within their first two months of employment.

A written contract exists to protect employers and employees, and with this easy to use online tool now available, all employers can easily adhere to the legislation. We hope that this innovation will see equestrian employment modernise further and positions without written contracts put into the past.”

Dressage groom and BGA member James Wratten didn't have a written contract, "I was concerned as I had worked for my employer for two years but hadn't received anything in paper. I contacted the BGA and they helped me to introduce my boss to the EEA Contract Creator and now I have legally compliant documents. I feel much happier, and so is my employer, and we all know where we stand! I urge all grooms to talk to their employer if they haven't got one yet - the EEA is here to help employers and with this simple task we all benefit." 

International event rider Sam Dempsey uses the Contract Creator for his employees and said, “The process was really easy to follow, anywhere I was confused or unsure there was a help symbol that explained everything. It is fast and easy to understand, plus you don't worry about rewording something or the language you use as the system does all that for you. I always felt the contract served the employee more than the employer, but this makes me much more confident about not just our responsibilities but also the employees.”

The contract Creator is a free to use tool for all employers signed up to the Equestrian Employers Association (EEA) which is just £37.50 per annum. 

If you have an employment contract then you can still help to spread the word by sharing this and helping make other grooms and employers aware that there is help and support available. 







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