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Support Helpline for Liverpool Grooms

As a result of the fire at Liverpool International Horse Show, the BGA has linked up with Racing Welfare to offer direct support to any groom affected by the event. 

Racing Welfare is opening its helpline service - Racing’s Support Line - to anyone who has been affected by the fire at Liverpool International Horse Show.

The charity, whose services are available to anyone that works (or has previously worked) within the horseracing industry, is aware that many grooms working with horses in Liverpool have had a highly stressful experience and may have lost possessions as a result of the fire.

Racing Welfare is the Jockey Club’s own charity – the team at Aintree Racecourse have been providing support through providing stabling for horses, and Racing Welfare is extending this support through provision of a telephone helpline.

BGA Executive Director, Lucy Katan explained, "It was a shocking evening for all involved, and we are grateful to our friends at Racing Welfare for opening up their helpline. Although, thank goodness, there was no injuries or fatalities, it was still a traumatic event for any of the grooms who were involved. It is only after the occurance of this nature that it starts to sink in what actually happened, and also what might have happened. It is important that we offer a place for those affected to talk it through." 

Any grooms or other staff who have been affected can access the service through telephone, text or online contact methods.

Telephone: 0800 6300 443

Text: 07860 079 043

Online:  Click here

Racing’s Support Line is available to use 24 hours a day and will provide a listening and support service with advice, guidance and signposting for anyone looking for local services that can help them.

Find out more about Racing’s Support Line and get in touch at: https://racingwelfare.co.uk/services/racings-support-line/




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