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Experienced Grooms Being Forced Out of Industry

A recent survey conducted by the BGA found that significant numbers of experienced grooms are being forced to leave working the equestrian industry.

The findings revealed that this exodus is not voluntary, but instead overwhelmingly caused by poor, and in many cases illegal, employment standards.

The survey, which took place in July 2018, saw nearly 800 grooms across a variety of disciplines take part. 

The results revealed that there was an overwhelming correlation between substandard employment conditions and grooms who have left or are considering leaving the equestrian industry.

The report found that:
• Over half of the grooms surveyed who were considering leaving (51%) and of those who have now left the profession (56%) were rarely able or unable to take their annual leave entitlement.
• 61% of grooms who are considering leaving working with horses do not feel able to talk to their employer about issues. Almost 20% would fear for their employment if they spoke to their employer about an issue.
• 41% of the grooms surveyed said that they left the profession due to frustration over their employment rights being ignored.
• Grooms are leaving due to illegal pay. A third of grooms surveyed left, and 22% are considering leaving working with horses because they were not being paid at least the National Minimum Wage.

This is a pivotal issue, with both grooms and employers voicing concerns. Grooms are forced to leave a profession they enjoy by poor treatment, and employers are losing valuable, experienced staff.

BGA's Executive Director, Lucy Katan says, “This is a critical issue, and unfortunately I am not surprised by these statistics. We are seeing an increasing number of employers voicing their concerns, as well as a worrying number of experienced grooms not renewing their membership to the BGA citing that they are leaving the industry. The survey shows a very clear correlation between good, positive employment and the retention of staff.”

To view the full report and findings click here 

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