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BGA Launches Give Me A Contract Week

The British Grooms Association has launched 'Give Me a Contract Week' following a recent poll which revealed that 59% of employed grooms do not have a written statement of terms of employment (contract).

What is a Written Contract?
A written contract, otherwise known as a written statement of terms, (or written statement of employment particulars), is a legally binding written document between an employer and an employee.

The written contract sets out the terms of your employment and includes conditions such as salary, holiday allowance and working hours.

If you are employed your boss is legally required to provide you with a written contract within two months of the start of your employment.

But why all the fuss?

A recent poll, conducted by the BGA, revealed that 59% of employed grooms do not have a written contract.

This is illegal.

A written contract is in place to protect both the employee and the employer. It adds transparency and security to your job.

I don’t have one – what should I do?
You need to speak to your employer and ask them to provide you with one.
Have a look at the ‘Contracts’ section which can be found in ‘Members Services’. In here you will discover more about contracts and also tips on how to approach your boss if you are not sure how to go about it.

Your boss or yard manager can use the Equestrian Employers Association's Contract Creator to create one in five easy steps.

Lucy Katan, Executive Director of the BGA said, “We can’t stress enough the importance of having a written statement of terms. This is a legal requirement and the figure should be at 100% so why not take this week to make it our moment, let’s spread the word and help to make it happen.”

I have a contract – what can I do to help?
That’s great news. We would love it if you can get involved and help to spread the word to other grooms about the importance of having a contract.

Hit the share button below and help us to reach as many people as possible.

If you are unsure about contracts or your employment status then get in touch with us. Give Me a Contract Week runs from 27th -31st May 2019.








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