“The bespoke information has been invaluable for my career and employment; I don’t feel alone anymore. I have the peace of mind knowing my income is protected with my BGA insurance.”

Jenny Hooch

BGA Member


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Meet our members

Meet our members

By joining the BGA you will be joining a dynamic professional membership association that has been developed just for you! Here are just a few of our members - you can also discover more about the BGA Ambassadors here

Mel Tomlinson

I joined the BGA when it first started mainly because I wanted to be part of an association which recognised the work I did for a living and valued my job role.

The BGA were an invaluable support during a three year employment dispute with former employers who bullied me and employed me unlawfully.  I'm quite sure without the invaluable help and legal advice from Morrish Solicitors I would not have won my Employment Tribunal or recooped unlawful deductions from my wages and compensation for breach of contract and constructive dismissal. I urge any professional groom to join today.


Kate Vickers

Since joining the BGA I have found that the templates for freelance grooms have really help me with my admin and paperwork and so allowing me to spend less time on admin and more time out working. I have also received advice via facebook and email very quickly and often outside of office hours. Being a freelance worker it is good to know there is someone to turn to and to help answer those questions which affect your work. Another benefit is the free listing in the BGA Freelance Groom Adverts on the website which has given me many offers of work. 


Clive Milkins

I have enjoyed being a groom for over 30 years and have experienced the incredible highs and lows that happen along that journey. However even the best grooms are only as good as the support given them by others.

Sometimes you can feel very alone and that is where the BGA comes in - at the end of a telephone or by email, always confidential, always helpful and always supportive when I've needed them, whether it's employment issues or just a better suggestion for keeping a grey horse clean.

Many thanks to everyone at the BGA I couldn't do my job without you, and there is a part of the Paralympic medals that belong to you.






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