BGA Membership Benefits

Advice, information and support 


We are here to support you throughout your career, whether you are just starting out in the industry, a student/apprentice, or an experienced professional groom. It makes no difference who you work for and whether you are an employee or working freelance - the BGA is for all grooms. 

Becoming a member means you are only a click away from accessing support, advice and guidance on all groom, career and employment related matters.



  • Expert advice and guidance on a range of employment matters, including downloadable templates for every situation.
  • Access to the My Employment website area, to get your questions answered.
  • Free legal advice helpline provided by Morrish LLP Solicitors.
  • Member-only discounts on a variety of other legal services provided by Morrish LLP (conveyancing, family/matrimonial law).
  • Career advice and support, including useful templates (CV's & Covering Letters) for you to download free of charge.
  • One to one advice from the BGA team - as a member we offer you a bespoke service to talk through your own situation with someone independent and impartial in a confidential environment. 

The BGA does not get involved in employer/employee relationships and will never contact your employer, all support is 100% confidential.





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