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BGA membership benefits

Freelancers tool kit 



As a self employed freelance groom, you will need that extra bit of support, and the BGA is here to help you. 

Many members have taken the option of going it alone and have the BGA as their professional support as they set up and run their business.

Freelance groom gets advice from British Grooms Association


Key Benefits 

  • If you are a self employed freelance groom, the British Grooms Association (BGA) is an approved Association by the HMRC for income tax relief in respect of annual membership subscriptions - you will be able to claim tax relief on your annual membership subscription fees. 
  • Tool kit with templates of client letters and accounting books 
  • Advice on how to start your business and market it to gain and retain clients 
  • Free placement of Freelance Groom Adverts 
  • 10% discount on Freelance Groom Liability Insurance