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Grooms working with horses

Member Discounts 



The BGA offers its members bespoke products all at a special price.

Designed for grooms, these are the best you will find on the open market - we have done the research for our members.


  • Discounted Accountancy and Tax services provided by Butlers Accountancy giving an annual saving of 17% (at least £30) on your annual tax return and end of year accounts filing.
  • 10% discount on family and matrimonial law, conveyancing and wills with Morrish Solicitors LLP.
  • Access to the BGA Supporters discount scheme, 10-20% discounts with Treehouse Online, Smart Grooming, Medi K and Eqclusive, including the Alan Davies signature pack. 
  • 10% discount on transport certifications with Horsebox Driver.
  • 10% discount off all Westgate Labs commercial worm egg count tests and season packs.