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You are in good company

You're in good company

By joining the BGA you are joining some other great grooms ! Here are just a few of who your fellow members will be:

Jackie Potts - Event Groom

The current FEI Groom of the Year Award recipient and Head Groom to William Fox Pitt for plus 20 years. Jackie has always been a BGA member and supportive of the association. 






Amie Foster - Freelance Groom

I am so proud to be part of the BGA. I joined as soon as I started my freelance career, as I wanted to be part of an organisation that recognised the work that I did and most of all valued my job.

Since joining the BGA I have had first class support. All the information I needed to help set up my freelance business, how to manage my paper work and admin have all been available on the website for when I have needed it. The free templates have been a great help and very useful. Not only has everything been available on the website, the staff behind the scenes have also been amazing. Either over the telephone or an email, they have answered my questions so quickly and professionally.

Sometimes you do feel as a groom you are by yourself and seems a lonely world but the BGA changes all off that and it’s great to know that they are there to support you whenever you need them. That's why I keep their phone number in my emergency contact list just in case :)

I couldn't have done this without the help and support of the BGA.


Ray Pemberton - Event & STud Groom

A top eventing groom who has kindly acted as a model for the BGA when doing a photo shoot or two! Ray is a big supporter of all grooms belonging to their professional association.  





Steph Kelly - Dressage Groom

Steph is a smart producer of young dressage horses and also a top groom. Steph is a true professional when it comes to her career.

"I have been a member of the BGA since the beginning. As a groom and rider it is important to me that I have as much back up as I can.

In my job it is important to be on top of things and to have as supportive a workplace as I can. BGA supplies another branch of that support. Knowing I have invaluable legal advice on hand if I should ever require it is useful. Also knowing there is somewhere to turn for impartial and insightful advice on a range of issues is also good.

My aim is to have my own yard. I would hope all my co workers would be members of BGA. The Equine Skills CV scheme is also good. BGA is more than a support service though,  they are a source of all sorts of knowledge for all of those in the equine profession. Thank you for being there BGA Team!"



Lianne Barrett - Stud & Veterinary groom

I feel it's important to be a BGA member and have a grooms association because you always have someone behind you and fighting your corner if you need them. With the BGA no matter what happens you know you have a fantastic support network and someone always there to give you help and advice. The BGA gives the industry support and strength and credibility. With the BGA you feel valued and know your job is important and worthwhile.





Karen Norman - Freelance groom

As a retired nursing sister I am now a freelance groom. I am proudly a member of the BGA as I strongly believe that it is of utmost importance to have a registering body to be able to -
1) as a profession to be taken seriously
2) to have & be part of a support network
3) for employers to advertise knowing they are reaching suitable candidates
4) a base to access learning, advice, share troubles and help others
5) And to have a voice.

Which is why no matter where I am, livery yards, racing yards, assisting at events I am always promoting the BGA and the importance of insurance. When I first started working as a groom, I was blown away by the number of people working uninsured, often they said it was the cost and they were surprised when I said about the BGA.
Thank you for your hard work BGA.



Emma Swinburn - Freelance groom

I'm proud to be a member of the British Grooms Association as it helps promote working with horses as a genuine career path and not just a job I do because I like horses.

I'm serious about my profession and so are they and now other people can see that through the work of the BGA.





Issy Carlson - Event groom

I'm Issy. A very happy and proud BGA member. I'm so proud to be a member of BGA because it gives us grooms, no matter what discipline we belong to, a sense of community and support that so many of us need. The BGA have provided me with no end of helpful advice before and throughout an injury and I would encourage any groom no matter what their circumstances are to join!





What the personal accident policy covers you for:

  • Whilst at work
  • All stable duties – mucking out, grooming, washing off, turning out
  • Clipping
  • Riding – including hacking and jumping
  • Hunting
  • Lunging
  • Breaking in
  • Holding horse for a vet and other procedures
  • Travelling horses both in the UK and abroad
  • Competing in line with your job including: jumping, dressage, eventing
  • Injuries that may happen to you whilst you are teaching - but you must also be grooming as part of your duties and not be a sole instructor

What the personal accident policy doesn’t cover you for:

  • Riding in a race, point to point or team chase
  • Stunt Riding
  • Accidents occurring whilst travelling to and from work
  • Riding and competing your own horse (but you can upgrade when applying for membership to include this)
  • Public Liability – this is a separate insurance policy - the Freelance Groom Liability Insurance
  • Care Custody and Control – this is a separate policy - the Freelance Groom Liability Insurance

If you require additional cover then please contact KBIS directly.


When you are working for other people you do most of the following; muck out, turn out/catch in, tack up, groom horses, exercise Horses (including hacking, jumping and schooling), in the care of your employer/client.




Predominantly ride horses for other people including schooling, exercising and competing.   

 Provide grooming services for someone else either full time or on a freelance basis i.e. an employer or a client.   


Employ staff – have an employers liability policy in your name NO NO YES
Buy and sell horses NO YES YES