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Grooms working with horses

Get your certifications 



Your career as a groom is important to us and we are committed to helping members develop throughout their time working with horses.

The BGA offers members a range of online and offline Continuous Professional Development (CPD), ensuring you attain the highest professional standards.

Up skill your CPD with British Grooms Association


What are the key benefits?

As a member, benefit from our dedicated online information, training and development resources and add to your qualifications, all free of charge as part of your membership.

  • Take part in Groom Clean e learning for free
  • Get your BEDMAX Certification in Bedding Management
  • Take your Medi K Certification in First Aid 
  • Continuing Professional Development programme in the form of “How to” grooming guides and videos
  • 10% discount with The Open College of Equine Studies







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