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Grooms Insurance


Our Platinum membership offers the highest limits of personal accident cover available, for freelance grooms insurance and employed grooms insurance, including cover for Temporary Total Disablement (TTD) - see what it covers.

The TTD cover has been designed for those earning £386 per week or more, as the maximum payment under this section is up to £350, or 65% of your gross weekly earnings. Please note therefore that for those earning more than £538 the maximum benefit you will receive will be £350.

However Platinum membership can still be suitable for lower earners who are looking to have a higher level of capital benefits in place. If you are looking for lower benefits then our Silver Membership might be more suitable.

Suitable for all working grooms, it makes no difference if you are freelance or employed.  

Unsure about Temporary Total Disablement? Find out more about this benefit

The payment must be made by someone over the age of 18, for example a parent or guardian, if you are under 18 years old. Only available for UK residents.

Insurance details

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Details Cover
Death £20,000
Permanent Total Loss of Sight of One or Both Eyes £20,000
Loss of One or More Limbs £20,000
Permanent Total Loss of Speech £20,000
Permanent Total Loss of Hearing in One of Both Ears £20,000 (limited to £6,000 for one ear)
Permanent Total Disablement (other than loss of Sight, Speech or Hearing) £20,000

Temporary Total Disablement**
(Payable 104 Weeks. Excess period 21 Days)

Up to £350 per week
Emergency Dental Expenses (Excess £50) Up to £1,000
Hospital Benefit (Maximum benefit 30 days) £50.00 each completed 24 hours


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£192.73 per year or
£17.38 per month - please read the rules of Direct Debit payments prior selecting

Sign up includes the option to boost the insurance to cover you whilst riding/competing your own horse at additional cost.

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